DIETER BOHLEN - The Nash 2005

Get It On [2005 ZYX Maxi-CD 9874-8]

Get it on and seize that is your destiny. Get it on! Get it on!
Get it on and feel. Just live your dreams with me! Get it on! Get it on!

Sally, can you feel it? The wind is blowing softly through your shining hair.
We’ll paint the clouds a sunshine if we stay together. You look solitaire.
And when the night is over, I will feel the sunshine if you’re here with me.
Oh, every time I see you, you’re looking smiling fashion. Baby, oh, I feel.
Love is an odyssey. Oh baby, just make my day!

Life is just for living. Just forget your trouble till the end of time!
And all your dreams arising. And your hopes are flying. Love’s a friend of mine.
Babe, it feels like heaven. We’re so good together up to the sky.
Feel a good emotion, the shadow of devotion. I will take you high.
’cause life is a masquerade, oh baby, don’t hesitate!

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