DIETER BOHLEN - Severino Seeger 2015

01. Love Me Like This

02. Hero Of My Heart

How many times we say goodbye!
Now you are leaving. Give me one more try
’cause I cannot wait a million years!
I have the feeling but I’m drowning in fears.
I will hold you once and I’ll hold you twice.
Oh, your love is such a sacrifice.
But I miss you again, my love.

Am I losing you forever? Please stay with me!
I will love you and kiss you (baby) endlessly.
I’ll never tearing apart. You’re the hero of my heart.

You’re the hero of my heart.

Don’t tell me how the story ends!
Are we lovers or are we just friends?
Send me your pillow that you’re dreaming on!
My heart is bleeding and I just can’t be strong.
I will tell you once, and I tell you twice:
We’re halfway to a paradise.
Don’t break my dreams tonight!

REFRAIN (twice)

You’re the hero of my heart.

03. Wild

04. Across The Ocean

05. Only For You

06. Jealousy

07. All For One [Jennifer Blake; cover-version of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" 2008]

Tell me (baby, my love) it’s the last goodbye.
And a fool can’t see the tears in my eyes.
Oh, I give you my heart and I forget again
’cause there is a chance. Don’t let it end!
Every time (I see) this love is killing me.
I never give it up, my love.

All for one and one for all.
I stand up if I will fall.
I will never feel the same emotion.
Love is like a river, like an endless ocean.

Making all dreams come true - with no compromise.
Oh, you promise love, but you’re telling me lies.
I will fly to the sun. I will fall in your arms.
Will you love me again? I’ll be the lucky one.
Everybody knows where this love will go.
I never give it up, my love.

REFRAIN (twice)

Like an endless ocean.
Like an endless ocean.

08. Every Time You Touch Me

Baby, when you call me, I’ll be there -
oh, just anytime and anywhere.
But don’t break my lonely heart! Don’t break my lonely heart tonight (tonight)!
Baby, nothing’s gonna change my mind
’cause a girl (like you) is so hard to find.
So don’t break my lonely heart! Don’t break my lonely heart tonight (tonight)!

Every time you touch me, anywhere you go -
oh, my heart is bleeding ’cause I’m missing you.
Oh, what can I do? Girl, what can I do?
’cause every time you whisper (baby), I love you.
Oh, my heart is beating ’cause I’m loving you.

What can I do?

Years may come and years may go.
I will love you (baby, yes) I know.
So don’t break my lonely heart! Don’t break my lonely heart tonight (tonight)!

What can I do?

Oh, come with me to a land of eternity!
I swear: I don’t go ’cause our love will always grow.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


Yeah! Yeah!

09. Lonely Heart

10. Tell Me Why

11. Unchained Melody [just produced by Dieter Bohlen]

12. Caruso [just produced by Dieter Bohlen]

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