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Joyrider 2012

Luca Haenni: Feeling just like heroes, driving through a storm -
Jesse Ritch: we are joy-joyrider. And a dream is born.
Daniele Negroni: This moment like forever: we’re driving to the sun
Kristof Hering: ’cause we are joy-joyrider. We wanna have some fun.
Hamed Anousheh: Coming out of nowhere (destination is unknown) -
Vanessa Krasniqi: we are joy-joyrider. Every heart needs a home.
Fly around the ocean! We’re driving through the night.
Silvia Amaru: We are joy-joyrider (staying side by side).

Come on drive with me to eternity -
just you and me. Baby, just feel free!
Come on drive with me! It’s our destiny -
just you and me. Baby, can’t you see?
Oh! Joy-joyrider.

Thomas Pegram: Listen to my heartbeat! Love makes the world go round.
We are joy-joyrider. Hear the magic sound!
Luca Haenni: Forty ways to heaven, forty ways to you -
Joey Heindle: we are joy-joyrider. We never make you blue.
Hamed Anousheh: Million miles from nowhere, driving home tonight -
Fabienne Rothe: we are joy-joyrider. And we know: it’s right.
Silvia Amaru: We’re going through the motions (halfway to paradise) -
Vanessa Krasniqi: we are joy-joyrider. And we’re telling you our lies.


Luca Haenni: Joyrider -
Hamed Anousheh: that’s what we are, that’s what we’ll be. Baby!
And we never give it up.

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