DIETER BOHLEN - Comeback (1994 BMG CD 74321 23306-2)

01. FOOLS LULLABY [Howard Houston] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 11500-2)

02. BITTERBLUE [Howard Houston] (BMG Maxi-CD 664 751)

03. BACK HOME [Dieter Bohlen - Dieter Bohlen] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 23304-2)

I’ve been at home again - a thousand voices call to me.
A cry (that splits the night) woke up a soul inside my memory.
I chose to walk along to search and find my destiny.
So many lonesome roads keep me away from where I long to be.
I lie awake and see a cold and empty room.
I sit alone and think of places (I once knew);
of friends that I had loved and left behind.
Oh, how could I have been so blind?

Back home where all the love is (that I need); where my family waits for me.
Back home!
Back home - I close my eyes and I would see where the river meets the sea.
Back home!
There is no better place (than home) for me.
My home is where I find my destiny.

I’m going home again - and I just can’t wait to see
old folks that I have missed; a mother’s tender kiss (so soft, so sweet).
I’ll hold her in my arms like I’d never let it go.
My family is my home - now I’ll tell them that I miss them so.
Oh, I know I’ve been away so very long;
that I hurt you when I left - and I was wrong.
And I see that home is where my heart belongs.
So, hang on heart ’cause here I come!

REFRAIN (twice)

Back home!

04. SALLY COMES AROUND [Jennifer Blake] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 16332-2)

06. AGAINST THE WIND [Dieter Bohlen] (BMG Maxi-CD 664 991)

07. SILHOUETTE IN RED [Jennifer Blake]

08. ANGEL HEART [Howard Houston] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 14439-2)

09. SEND ME THE PILLOW [Dieter Bohlen]

10. JAMES DEAN [Dieter Bohlen] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 18752-2)

11. STAY [Jennifer Blake] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 18752-2)

12. RACE TO THE FIRE [Dieter Bohlen] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 11500-2)

13. FIRE IN MY SOUL [Steve Benson]

14. CALL ME [Steve Benson] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 12439-2)

15. GOD GAVE LOVE TO YOU [Dieter Bohlen] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 14439-2)

16. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY LONELY HEART [Howard Houston] (BMG Maxi-CD 74321 17467-2)

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