DIETER BOHLEN - Bernie Paul 1982
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The Magic Of Music 1982

I can’t forget this song (I heard last night) -
I was feeling kind of lonely.
I sat there in this bar, then you walked by -
suddenly it happened to me.
I’m not the type who likes to dance,
but this song started our romance.

The magic of music is like a miracle (and)
the magic of music is irresistible (and)
there’s music for a stimulation,
there’s music for consolation,
there’s music for every nation,
there’s music for all eternity.

I can’t forget this song (I heard last night)
’cause it brought us close together.
The magic of that song - it was so strong.
We will love that song forever.
It was a simple melody,
but meant so much for you and me (oh).


Last night I was feeling alright -
oh baby, we’re dancing all night.
We suddenly kissed each other -
sweet music has made us lovers.

REFRAIN (twice)

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