DIETER BOHLEN - Christian Bakotessa 2012


Can I be your hero? Can we start from zero?
I know: it’s hard for you ’cause I made you blue.
Can I be your lover? Will there be no other
to break each other’s heart? Can we try a start?
When the night is young, I don’t know where I go.
But I’ll never let you (never let you) go.

I promised you the world. I promised love.
I promised you: we’ll never give it up.
I’ll get the stars from the sky (oh) to hold you just awhile.
I promised you my love just everyday.
I promised you: we’ll always find a way.
I’ll get the stars from the sky (oh) to hold you just awhile.

Love is like an ocean - always just in motion.
Should I stay or go? Oh baby, let me know!
Can we be together always and forever?
Is this just goodbye or do we give a try?
Baby, tears may go and (baby) years may come.
But I know for sure (girl) where my heart belongs.


I promised you {many times}


Every time (you smile to me) it’s written in my heart.
And every time (you cry again) I didn’t play my part.
Don’t believe in miracles halfway to paradise!
Anytime and everywhere I’m never telling lies.

I’m over you. I’ve got to give you all my love, girl.
Oh, I’m over you. Oh my love, I have to go.
Oh, I cannot breathe in the world of a thousand lies.
Babe, I swear to god that I loved you so.

Every day and every night I was waiting for your call.
Don’t take away my heaven, girl! Oh, don’t let it fall!
From the bottom of my heart I loved you endlessly.
Have got no time for such pain - I love my destiny.

REFRAIN (twice)

I’m over you.


All day and all of the night (as long as I hold your eye) I’m staying just with you.
Don’t tell a lie about me! Girl, you are my destiny. I’m staying all my life.

I’m a dreamer and I love you. I will wait for the rest of my life.
Oh, I wish, girl, this love will survive.

This girl is mine till the end of time.
I can never let you go. Baby, oh, I miss you so.
This girl is mine. A good love is hard to find.
Breaking up is hard to do. Babe, I’ll never make you blue.

Love really hurts without you. I’ll give my heart (that is true) believing just in you.
How many tears can I hide? Girl, will I lose all my pride? Where we can go wrong!


REFRAIN (twice)

This girl is mine. This girl is mine. This girl is mine. This girl is mine. Yeah!
This girl is mine.


Baby, why are you so blind? You’re always on my mind.
Can’t you see that you are my love?
Baby, I cannot explain. Babe, I want you back again.

Can’t you see that I love you so?
Just take my heart and tell me that you love me!
Come take my heart! Never let me go!

Nobody knows the way I’m feeling. Nobody knows my heart inside.
Baby, I cannot live without you. Oh, I swear to you tonight.
Nobody knows that I am lonely. Nobody knows: I cannot let you go.
Baby, I know: you are the only. And I know: the time will show.

A million miles away from home, I don’t want to be alone.
Can’t you see that you are my love?
If you’re loving, I will go. Baby, but I want to know.


REFRAIN (twice)

Yeah! Nobody knows. Yeah! Nobody knows. Mm!


Love is not a foolish game to me. Yeah!
Love is my life and destiny. Yeah!
Love is the spirit of my life. Oh yeah!
Love - and without it I can’t survive. Oho!
And it’s not a game, when I call your name.

The way (you look tonight) is more than I was dreaming.
The way (you hold me tight) - it makes my heartbeat fast.
The way (you look tonight) is more than I’ll ever feel it.
The way (you smile) is heaven in my arms.

Love is sometimes a sacrifice. Oh yeah!
Love - there are tears and there are lies. Oho!
Love will always find your heart. Mm!
Love - always try to make a start! Oh yeah!
And it’s not a game, when I call your name.


Oh, the way (you smile) is heaven in my arms. Yeah!


I do it for you. I give you my heart.
Angels don’t lie that you tear apart.
I am what I am. I will find a way.
But you said goodbye. What can I say?
Oh, you’re hurting me. Baby, can’t you see?

How can you stop the sun from shining? How can you break my lonely heart?
Babe, I’ll ever lose my smiling if you break a part.
How can you stop that we’re together? How can you go away tonight?
Oh, I want you just forever (forever) by my side.

If my heart could speak, I turn back the years.
I’m not a fool. I see all of tears.
If this is the end, I lose all my pride. Ooh!
I swear to you: I’m nobody’s child.
Oh, you’re hurting me. Baby, can’t you see?



Forever by my side.

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